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The breakthrough has begun...

Super-Slab® is a slab on grade system used for highway, exit ramps and airport pavement replacement.  This system is also used effectively as approach slabs to bridges and tunnels and for crosswalks and complex urban intersections.

Super-Slab® panels are cast to exacting tolerances and placed on pre-graded, sub-base surfaces that have similar exacting tolerances as the slabs.  Slabs interlock with adjacent panels with load transfer dowels.  To assure complete and full slab support, specially designed grout is pumped into a bedding grout distribution system effectively filling voids that may exist under the slabs.

Both planar and warped slabs have been successfully installed and the Super-Slab® System can accommodate any roadway geometry.

Our Super-Slab® brochures are available for download:

PDF Version: Super-Slab® Product Brochure

PDF Version: Super-Slab® Pavement Repairs
PDF Version: Super-Slab®: Bulletin No. 1
PDF Version: Super-Slab®: Bulletin No. 2

PDF Version: Super-Slab® at Washington-Dulles Airport
Trial Installation - Illinois Tollway Maintenance Yard
I-88 Roadway Construction, Aurora, Illinois
I-95 Pavement Restorations , New Rochelle, NY
I-295 Pavement Repair, Burlington County, NJ
I-88 Reconstruction, Oak Brook, Illinois
NJDOT Route 21 Maintenance & Repair, Newark, NJ
Autoroute 13 , Laval, Quebec, Canada
Autoroute 427 Rehabilitation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2007)
I-294 Emergency Repairs, Justice, Illinois
Autoroute 427 Rehabilitation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2008)
NJDOT I-280 Pavement Repair, Essex County, NJ
UDOT I-15 Rehabilitation, Layton to Clearfield, UT
NYSDOT Pavement Repairs, Nassau/Suffolk, NY
NYSDOT West Shore Expressway, Staten Island, NY
NYSDOT Route 17 Bridge Appraoch Slabs, Vestal, NY
NJDOT Route 42 Pavement Repair, Camden/Gloucester County, NJ


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